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What we do want

We are anarchists. And it is not a thirst of aimless destruction that moves us – like say only some of our enemies. On the contrary – we want individual and society to change and to give birth to the new world, where every human being will become a real creator of his/her own life, but not a servant in the hands of the powerful. We know, that deep in mind everybody, who still not finally broken by poison of capitalism and hierarchy, just like us dream of liberation. So what doesn't allow us to be free? This is endless circle – society of slavery and a slave inside everybody of us. He has been put in our soul since the moment, when we were put in society. And so we, imperceptibly for ourself, repeat relationships, based on obedience of one and domination of other.

So – let we pay to our society more attention. We all used to the existence of a State, but it is nothing but a machinery of violence and domination of a small group of powerful people “above” us. We say, of course, not about ordinary State-workers as doctors or cashiers in StateBank – but about all the people, whom we have given a possibility to make decisions instead of ourselves – from the last policeman and up to the minister and president. Their number is miserably small against one of the people who have found themselves in their service – i. e. all of us. And as small their number – so great their strength.

We also used to the situation, where wealth of nature, many buildings and transport, means of production, scientific advances and artworks – are in property of a similarly few group of people – private owners. All they own was created by nature or by tens, hundreds, and the whole generations of people – but when they have stolen or bought it – they think that they are only one who has a right to use it. Exploiting our labor and stealing our time, they turn their property into their profits.

Owners of state and owners of property (when they are not the same) are fighting or uniting between each other only with two goals – to strengthen their power over and to increase their wealth at the expense of us. But we are NOT doomed to be slaves. Realizing our freedom need, we are trying to put it into life, and when we see that there are laws, institutions and some groups of people on our way – then we have to use force to abolish it. This justify the necessity of radical methods of struggle… It is necessary to destroy, if you want to create – this is reality of modern world and you won’t escape it.

How can look a new world, where everybody is free and happy, and everybody’s life is full of sense? This will be a society, where everybody can decide individually all individual questions, and – collectively and equally all collective questions. Destroyed institutions of power will be replaced by free associations of people, where will be managing all social and production problems. This radically differ from modern “democracy”, where you can only choose your bosses.

Production sphere will perform a principle «each according to his ability, to each according to his need», which is, from our point of view, the only fair principle of distribution of material goods between people, who live by their own – not somebody’s else – labor. All the enterprises and means of production should become a public property. Spiritual world of every human being will be free from media-power, mass culture, fashion and any thing, which interfere with independent self-actualization. Instead of passive consumption of capitalist pseudo-culture, there should be established free and creative self-expression of everybody.

That is world, where we want to live. And we hope that you, reading this lines, want the same and will build free future alongside with us.