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All imprisoned people are released

Few days ago, all people arrested under suspect of participating in road police blast were released from detention without any charges. Now it is clear that police has shown it's incompetence once again.


False news about arrest of Moscow anarcho-guerrilas

Since yesterday evening there are spreading news about so-called capture of people suspected in maintainig blast of road police station on 7th June 2011: http://blackblocg.info/direct-actions/123-podryv-anarkhistami-posta-dps-na-22-km-mkad-070611

This news come from the anti-extremist police department and media... They say that 4 people are arrested, and one young girl had resisted during her arrest and injured cop with her knife. Firstly we are proud to declare strictly that blast of road police was taken by our insurgent group — BlackBlocg.Info collective. As a evidence of this fact we was first who had spread a communique and video from the action. Everyone of us is out of prison now, we are all free and cheerful to continue revolutionary struggle. Police lies as usual — they have arrested people who had no relations with our group. Still nobody in Anarchist movement knows names of arrested, but we hope to learn it soon, and then International solidarity and help will be needed strongly... Let honour and bravehood be with our imprisoned comrades. Together we will win! Freedom, Equality, Solidarity!


End of September: police station and capitalist car set on fire

21.09 — anarchist group «8th of May Movement» attacked a local police station in Kharkiv (Ukraine) with Molotov. This act was done in solidarity with activist Igor Gannenko, who was tortured by Ukrainian police. «If you disagree — you should take action or you became just another subdued, who bows his head under state-machine brutality. Freedom or death!» - tell this people in their communique. Video of the attack (with Ukrainian language commentaries): http://vimeo.com/29358954

28.09 — capitalist car Cadillac was burnt by anarchist in center of Moscow. This object of luxury is demonstration of domination and privilege. Its destruction — symbolic act with a contrary meaning.


Brief news of guerilla in Russia and Ukraine


Dear Comrades! Since our latest report in English had been published, there have been some occasions of social war moved by anarchists and “ordinary people”.

29.08.2011 – In St. Petersburg R.A.T.S. (red and anarchist terror section) burned road roller and bulldozer on the construction site of business-center of Gazprom – the most horrible Russian state-capitalist monster, trading oil and gas.

The same day in Moscow DIY-bomb was thrown into the police station of one of the Moscow outskirt municipality – Eastern Degunino. Two police cars, wall and windows of a building was damaged by explosion. This was the second anonymous bomb-attack on Moscow police in last days of August (the first one two days before). No group has claimed responsibility.

31.08.2011 – In Petersburg-city R.A.T.S. strikes again – police car burned and communiqué was spread: “everyone knows what hatred to police means – nowadays our country is separated on two unequal groups – those who governs and those who has to obey due to the fear of repressions (…) our action is a gift to the inauguration of a new police governor of St. Petersburg – Poltavchenko.

03.09.2011 – Nearby city of Samara, placed in Volga-river, in the night anonymous pirate group attacked from the boat expensive yachts by Molotov cocktails.

09.09.2011 – In Moscow region administration house of Povarovo village was attacked by Molotov cocktails. No group has claimed responsibility.

12.09.2011 – In Altai territory arson of Bailiff Center took place. Serious damage of building and documentation.

13.09.2011 – In Ulianovsk anonymous fire attack took place on the office of the depute Ruslan Seukov, member of a ruling party United Russia.

19.09.2011 – In Melitopol, Ukraine – public prosecutor’s office was arsoned. General door damaged…

Let struggle spreads and comes deeper! Vivat Anarhia!


New acts of social war in Russia and Ukraine


August 26, DIY-bomb exploded outside the Police Direction of North-West area of Moscow. About a 12 windows was broken by the blast wave. No group has been taken a responsibility for this action. Police believe, that it was done by anarchists or right-wing radicals, but can not be excluded the possibility of vengeance from the “apolitical ordinary people”.

August 28, - 3 bulldozers was burned down in the Ukrainian town Kharkiv in the area of industrial deforestation for building a highway. No group has claimed a responsibility, but it is clear that action was taken by a some of radical environmentalists.


Latest actions of Moscow insurgents

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August 21, 2011 at the 3 a. m. individual fighter of resistance have burned down a local police station №35 placed on Lenskaya street, 28, Moscow. Action was succesful and struggle against «criminals with shoulder straps» will be continued. Greetings to all today and future guerillas! Don't be afraid to act alone, but be careful! No pasaran!

August 23, 2011, in the night. In a town of Khimki nearby Moscow, a group of anarchist guerillas have burned a police car on the parking of the road police station. Khimki is a place of a hard social conflict because of the project of building a paid road through the Khimki forest. During the protests of locals and ecologists, a horrible police brutality has been shown. So we send our message to bloody police scum! It is time to continue the struggle to defend nature and justice and to abolish state and capitalism!

Anarchists of Moscow region.


ELF actions in solidarity with Marie ans Eric

"'For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured' - Gerasimos Tsakalos, Conspiracy Cells of Fire

Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid - ELF actions in Moscow region of Russia

01.06 we torched electrical measuring and control devices in 2 underground service booths of a water communication system that brings hot water to a military intelligence site in Butovskiy forest. To add to the fact that this infrastructure serves military personnel, more than 800 trees were cut during earthworks for this water supply line to even appear in the forest. To hamper service brigades further, we also spiked the road they use for maintaining the system.

05.06 we torched an excavator at a highway construction site west of Moscow (Volokolamsk direction).

06.00 and 10.06 we expropriated some construction equipment and destroyed geologists’ measurement posts in the glades of Butovskiy forest.

11.06 we broke into yet another underground service booth and put to fire all the digital and analog devices and tools inside.

We dedicate these attacks to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We don’t have an honour of personal acquaintance with them, but their dedication to protecting our Planet and conscious choices they’ve made not only to act, but also to stand their ground in the wake of state repressions, inspire us and help us to continue on our path.

For Earth Liberation! For Human Liberation!

- ELF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation/ International Network of Action and Solidarity"

Source: http://directaction.info/news_jun13_11.htm


Arson of local police station in Moscow

June 23, 2011 in the night we have attacked a local police station placed on the Kantemirovskaya street, 12 in Moscow. We smashed windows by armature and then threw six 1-liter bottles in.

We have taken this action in solidarity with the antifascists of city Nizhniy Novgorod, which now stay under repressions and false charges from Russian political police called “Center to counter extremism”. More info about this case: http://avtonom.org/en/node/15937

We send our heartfelt greetings to all who has already started to act!



An anti-nature cottage destroyed by ELF in Moscow region

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On the night of June 22 a group of eco-anarchists has set on fire a demonstrative cottage placed in Jahroma-valley in Moscow region. This place is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Moscow region, and as it happens so often – some rich thieves trying to damage and to built their houses there. It was planned to build an “elite eco-village Ilyinskoe-Edelweiss”. A large plot of valley was fenced in and one demonstrative cottage for potential consumers was constructed. So, last night we have turned it into dust! Capitalism is destruction – abolish it!

Act for Earth and Nature! We will win!

E.L.F. - Moscow region


A gas bomb exploded by traffic police post in the south of Moscow

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Early morning on July, 7th 2010 explosive was activated nearby traffic police post in the south of Moscow. It was done by anarchists…

Why traffic police? – may someone ask. Some think, traffic police doesn’t beat and torture detained people, doesn’t invade our homes and doesn’t charge the innocent… But is it true? In Russia traffic policemen has recently beaten up a driver, who has been carrying his pregnant wife to hospital, one of them also have been SHOT DOWN a teenager, etc… So, traffic police is the one of the most odious groups of cops in Russia. And one of the most corrupted. We made for them a little vengeance through a gas balloon of 27 liters placed in a basin filled with coal and petrol, and then we set fire on it… A result you can see on a video.

None was injured (but one cop had a good chance to be while trying to fight fire). We have chosen carefully a place where none of ordinary people or a near traveling cars could take damage.

The explosion was thunder in 4:30 a. m. and then we could see a panic amongst a cops.

Let make them pay! Let create a fair world! Our oppressed sisters and brothers – join the struggle for freedom!