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Ticket to fire: Ford of Police Ministry member set on fire in Moscow

We have received massage from our comrades: "We have burned a big Ford nearby VDNKH subway station about two weeks ago. The car had a pass of Police ministry behind a windshield and it looks like a tipical car granted for official of medium/high level. We proclaim solidarity with all our comrades prosecuted. And you, police pigs, should know that any your agressive atc against freedom fighters won't be unrequited.


Local police station is destroyed in Povedniki (Moscow region)

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In the night February 19/20 we attacked local police station in the village Povedniki (Moscow region). It was settled in non-residential building – so we felt free to act strongly. It is likely, that a good portion of incendiary has completely destroyed the contents of this enemy’s nest (we had no possibility to watch fire up to end).

Dear comrades! We see authorities unqualified, organized badly and act blindly. So it is time to concentrate on radical struggle and then you can damage the system stronger and go free longer. Join us!

Victory will be ours!

Black Blocg collective.


Our site is forbidden in Russia

Dear comrades!

We should inform you, that our blog is included in Federal List of Extremist Materials in Russia. This is the first time, when anarchist resource is officially recognized as “extremist” in Russia. So the most of Russian Internet providers have closed an access to Black Blocg now and people from our country should use Tor or VPN to enter it. We are proud to see such “recognition” of our struggle’s significance. We will continue honorably our way to Freedom and Anarchy, revolta continua!


Radical struggle in Russia through past 2 months

Social tension in Russia seems to be descending, but nevertheless the level of

people’s resistance including direct action and sabotage remains comparatively high.

Many people wait for a new wave of struggle in late spring or summer. Anarchists try

to participate appreciably in this movement, but there is obvious necessity to act

more organized and strongly to take a chance of spreading anarchist ideal and



30.01.2012 – In Kharkov, Ukraine, Lexus which belonged to local judge was burned

down by unknown people.


31.01.2012 – Media has reported, there were 2 attempts of arson of offices of the

ruling party “United Russia” during the night in two neighboring districts of Moscow

– Bibirevo and Losinoostrovskiy. Unfortunately no serious damage was done. This

attack was held by anonymous group.


02 – 03.02.2012 – In the night anonymous guerilla group has thrown some Molotov

cocktails into a smashed window of “United Russia” party office in Fryazino-town in

Moscow region. Furniture and office equipment were damaged by fire.


21.02.2012 – In Novosibirsk-city anonymous people have thrown a bottle with

incendiary mixture to the drawing room of now “elected” Russian president and a

chief of United Russia party.


23.02.2012 – In Ufa a DIY-bomb exploded nearby communal ministry of Bashkortostan

Republic. This action was held by autonomous guerilla group.


24.02.2012 – The group of radical environmentalists “Green Resistance” has burned

down a bulldozer involved in deforestation in Podolsk district of Moscow region. In

their communiqué comrades call everybody who cares about nature to join their

activity of pro-nature direct action and sabotage. Here is video from their action:


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26.02.2012 – In Moscow an anarchist guerilla group burned a luxury car Mercedes

G-class with prosecutor’s pass-paper beneath a windshield. Later, when media

intervened, it became clear that car was property of the shopping center owner.

Nevetheless comrade’s action undoubtedly has reached its target.


02.03.2012 – Two days to presidential elections – 3 anarchist guerilla groups from

Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Ufa have organized coordinated action in three cities

at the same night. In SPb there was attacked a drawing room of one of the “United

Russia” deputies, in Moscow – one of the local offices of ruling party. Guerilla

group “Spravedlivost” from Ufa attacked administration building of Oktyabrskiy

district of Ufa city.


Our communique

Our actions are, above all, the call addressed to all the people who thoughtful and hopeful in positive changes – don’t rely on elections; it means nothing for long-long time. It is time to go out and act strongly. Don’t pay attention to cries of self-appointed “leaders” of the movement about moderation and peaceful protest. If you – if all of us – wish to change really, we have to control urban space by all means necessary. So at the 5th of March – don’t wait for orders from the “chiefs, but self-organize and operate! Breach police lines, occupy squares, and capture administrative buildings! You have to challenge the system and risk, if you want win. There is no other way – by words and meetings, mass but peaceful, there is no chance to change anything.

Our choice is – revolution!

Video from night of actions:


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05.03.2012 – In anti-Putin demonstration in Saint-Petersburg police was attacked from crowd by some bottles of incendiary mixture. For Russia it is unprecedented case. One of the riot police buses took fire. Police couldn’t catch guerillas.

08.03.2012 – In Pervouralsk-town Mercedes S-350, which belonged to local depute and capitalist Vladislav Sten’ka, who involved in crime when he had beaten his employees – was burned.


The increase of radical struggle in Russia

Falsified results of parliamentary elections seem to be a serious occasion for many thousands of malcontent to express their disagreement to authority during really mass demonstrations over Russia. At the same time number of direct actions related with sabotage of state institutions also grows by leaps and bounds…

10 – 13.12.2011 – In the urban districts of Moscow: Donskoy and Novogireevo windows were smashed in the offices of ruling United Russia party. Actions were held by anonymous people.

15.12.2011 – In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk town unknown freedom fighters have attacked local office of United Russia by fire.

22.12.2011 – A group of anarchist insurgents has set on fire in the night office of United Russia party in Ivanovskoe district (Moscow).

In their statement comrades declared: To abolish Putin’s regime is not enough. New leaders of our country can not rule according to the people’s interests. The problem is a state itself. Our alternative is society based on principles of freedom, equality and solidarity. In such society all decisions will be made by people’s assemblies. This is the way to satisfy our own rights and interests and not the interests privileged minority of oppressors. It is time for resolute actions!

Vid from this action:

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23.12.2011 – in Ufa-city revolutionary group “Spravedlivost” (“Justice”) have burned central office of United Russia party in the region. Video:



24.12.2011 – In Krasnodar town office of United Russia was attacked by anarchists in the evening. Comrades smashed some windows and shouted slogans before eyes of amazed people in the street.

30.12.2011 – people from group Revolutionary Insurgent Army have attacked office of president plenipotentiary in Saint-Petersburg N. Vinnichenko by smoke bomb.


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31.12.2011 – art-collective Voyna (War) have burned on the parking a police vehicle for transportation of imprisoned.

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Same night United Russia office was set on fire in Kaliningrad town. Happy new year!

03.01.2012 – And again in Kaliningrad – Molotov cocktail was thrown to window of United Russia office.

09.01.2012 – a central office of United Russia in North-Weastern Area of Moscow was attacked by anonymous.

10.01.2012 – In Moscow anarchist guerrilla group has set on fire local police office settled in Lenskaya street.

20.01.2012 – In Sarov town Mercedes of administration member was totally destroyed by fire spread by unknown urban rebels.

Revolution and Freedom! International solidarity from Russia!


Radical resistance in Russia: brief report

Cheers, dear comrades!

Here is a brief report on radical acts of social confrontation in Russia since 9th November and until today. Nowadays we are faced with the pre-revolutionary situation of great people’s disturbance all over the country after parliamentary elections, where United Russia, the party of the ruling bunch of corrupted bureaucrats and oligarchs, took its “victory” due to massive falsification. We all hope here, that this not only beginning of the end of this semi-authoritarian regime, but also the dawn of people’s liberation – libertarian revolutionary struggle.

09.11.2011 – the office of United Russia party was set on fire by a group of guerrillas in town Shelkovo, Moscow Region. In their communiqué, comrades declare that this office has conquered a building, which in previous times was occupied by nursing home. So that was an answer of the people to United Russia, which is so ‘care’ of those who needs help.

Video from this action:

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11.11.2011 – R.A.T.S. (Red and anarchist terror section), guerrilla group from St-Petersburg has torched a bulldozer in Udelnoe woodland park, where Gazprom company holds building of the football stadium with deforestation.

Video from this action:

Click to download in FLV format (2.39MB)

04.12.2011 – anonymous group has set on fire by Molotov cocktail the office of United Russia party in Bryansk-city. Fire has damaged an office furniture inside. THIS DAY WAS A DAY OF PARKAMENTARY ELECTION, SINCE THAT THERE HAS BEEN STARTED A WAVE OF PROTESTS.

05.12.2011 – ALF group torched a car of so-called “forest service” in game preserve in Moscow region.

05.12.2011 – On the same day in the city of Penza a DIY-bomb was rendered in front of large police center. None took responsibility for it.

09.12.2011 – CCF-Russia has burned a police car somewhere in Russia…

Click to download in FLV format (5.17MB)

10.11.2011 – in Ufa city, a capital of Bashkortostan republic, part of Russian Federation, anarchist guerrilla squad has set on fire another office of United Russia party, blaming them for stealing public wealth. Video from their action: http://spravedlivost.do.am/news/khvatit_molchat_pora_nachinat/2011-12-10-1

Passionate times are coming: raging crowds are gathering! Viva la Revolution!


CCF-Russia / FAI-IRF torch police vehicle in Moscow during protests (Russia)

Origin: http://325.nostate.net/?p=3637

December 9th, 2011
After December the 4th (election day in Russia), when the Russian state deployed numerous police and military forces in Moscow and common people took to the streets to shout “Enough is enough” in the face of cops and corrupt bureaucrats in all major Russian cities, anarchists were engaged in assembly work, organizing and propaganda.

Last week saw several clashes of common people with police (anarchists took part in those fights).

This “popular dissent” is expressed not only in Moscow, but in St. Petersburgh, Nizhnii Novgorod, Tyumen and other big cities.

System opposition called for a mass rally on December the 10th. Them and the authoritarian lefties try to come on top in this situation and direct the malcontent towards liberal reformism and pacifist practices.

Tomorrow will be the day we’ve been fighting hard to see coming. Tomorrow is the day that the Russian regime anticipates with fear.

Being not the least among those who helped build-up the situation, we continue to push for a more radical character of popular uprising.

On 09/12/2011 we torched a police car. Solidarity with all active insurgents, solidarity to all revolutionary anarchists in prisons!

Push for anarchist revolution!

Occupy Red Square!

- Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Russian Cell, FAI/IRF


Eco-anarchists spike forest roads in Moscow region

On 30/11/2011 we set out to spike forest roads in a hunting resort of Naro-fominsk district (Moscow region).

We can’t find words to describe our happiness at discovering a forest service vehicle parked on a remote trail. It was a mystery for us if they were there on an ambush (they were sort of hard to spot initially), or simply taking a rest away from their bosses (as Russian enforcement agents are prone to do). So we spiked about 2 kms of the road in both directions from the vehicle. We wish them a cold and lonely night in the dark forest.
We felt emotions akin to those every anarchist with molotov in a back pack must have felt when she suddenly came upon an empty police car.
Forest service officers do not protect forests or wildlife, they are there to make it possible for hunters kill animals (for a bribe or due to dubious legislation), they rob tourists during tourist seasons, they turn a blind eye towards tree-cutters.
We salute young men and women from ALF-Moscow for their courageous acts. The struggle continues until total liberation!

ALF-Moscow region

Origin of English version: http://325.nostate.net/?p=3577


Solidarity with CCF from Russia

A society, which you find around yourself when you became a kind of conscious individual, should damage you by a great multitude of disgusting injustice which inherent in its very structure. It appears in everything: social institutions, interpersonal mutual relations, imposed pseudo-values and even in patterns of thinking and feeling. All these yawning sores are poisoning every day of our existence. It seems, these hidden bitterness and disappointment are the main reasons why individual comes to an anarchist belief. Anarchist world-view is an attempt to abolish all the constructs, which built in a human world but hostile to a very human nature. To abolish – and to create on the ruins new society of freedom. Anarchist movement is a community of people which aim their thoughts and actions on realization of a liberation idea.

So it has turned out, in last decades anarchist movement, despite all declarations, seems to abandon its main goal. Decadence, cynicism, passivity, doom and squabbles has been enthroned in our ranks. But the fresh wind has suddenly blown. Hearts, that disobedient to the mainstream, has refused to accept the despair of modern world and of that “movement”, which was supposed to change it. And that was the moment, when there were born a mixed current, which is marked as an insurrectionary anarchism.

In Russia insurrectionary anarchist tendency for the first time has declared itself a few years ago. Understanding of the hopelessness of previous anarchist tactics in social movements, murders of our comrades by fascists with the connivance of the state and, of course, fires of December uprising in Greece – that was the coincidence of circumstances that has enlightened the path of struggle which we confidently trail today.

We want to underline that at all imperfection of tactics (as though there are perfect tactics!) and all the mistakes that unavoidable on our way, an insurrectionary current has a great meaning for modern anarchism. This sense is not in “violence” about which preach police, media and toy “revolutionaries”. This sense is in the rupture with stinking ruling order. In fighting enthusiasm of immediate revolution, when attack on the system and creating of the new are merging in the one whirlwind. No more we want to put off our struggle and life. We live and fight today. And this is the only approach which makes a chance for victory. The breath of fresh air for the great idea which seemed was ready to fade away – that is the very meaning and merit of insurrectionary anarchism.

And it is completely not casual; world powers have put anarchists from «Conspiracy of Cells of Fire» (CCF) in the same row with Islamites in lists of terrorists. Terrorism is a favorite bugbear of all bloody dollar dictators. It is most likely, that soon we will see anarchists as “public enemy number one”, because unlike religious fanatics, we have dared to challenge the root of present order – private property and social hierarchy.

Actions of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, as well as of many other comrades from Greece and worldwide, always have inspirited us and fulfilled us with feeling of unity and hope on victory. So in spite of certain ideological differences (we don’t share “nihilism” of CCF and, being insurrectionary anarcho-communists, we aspire to rise a people to rebellion) we express our solidarity with imprisoned comrades and send them our warm revolutionary greetings. Freedom for all immediately!

We will win!

Long live anarchy!

BlackBlocg Collective, Russia


Social warfare in Russia during last weeks

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08.10.2011 – anarchist guerilla squad has attacked the parking of the police cars in the town of Troitsk (Moscow region). Two cars were destroyed. Here’s a fragment from our communiqué:

“Police station of Troitsk-town… sturdy police building, which looks like stronghold, if you observe it from the Kaluzhskoe highway. Entrance is blocked by antitank hedgehog; high iron wall is ending by barbwire… But as it often happens with state institutions, solid and threatening façade hides rotten and useless content. Taking in the rear of armed police criminals, we have found a parking of patrol police cars without any security. These place is used by the brave Guardians of the Law just for drinking alcohol, as we have seen by our own eyes. As drunken pigs went home – we have attacked a parking and seriously injured by fire at least two police cars”.

Also this night at least 9 luxury cars were burnt in Moscow, but none has taken responsibility for these acts.

15.10.2011 – in Volsk-town (Saratov region) two cars, which belong to police officer and his wife, were set on fire and destroyed.

18.10.2011 – in Khimki-town (Moscow region) a police car was blown up. Police lie about a “technical disease”. None has taken a responsibility for this action.

22.10.2011 – in the town of Kamensk-na-Obi (Altai territory) a cottage of the depute and ex-mayor of the town, Valeriy Gorozhankin, was set on fire by unknown people.