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Radical struggle in Russia through past 2 months

Social tension in Russia seems to be descending, but nevertheless the level of

people’s resistance including direct action and sabotage remains comparatively high.

Many people wait for a new wave of struggle in late spring or summer. Anarchists try

to participate appreciably in this movement, but there is obvious necessity to act

more organized and strongly to take a chance of spreading anarchist ideal and



30.01.2012 – In Kharkov, Ukraine, Lexus which belonged to local judge was burned

down by unknown people.


31.01.2012 – Media has reported, there were 2 attempts of arson of offices of the

ruling party “United Russia” during the night in two neighboring districts of Moscow

– Bibirevo and Losinoostrovskiy. Unfortunately no serious damage was done. This

attack was held by anonymous group.


02 – 03.02.2012 – In the night anonymous guerilla group has thrown some Molotov

cocktails into a smashed window of “United Russia” party office in Fryazino-town in

Moscow region. Furniture and office equipment were damaged by fire.


21.02.2012 – In Novosibirsk-city anonymous people have thrown a bottle with

incendiary mixture to the drawing room of now “elected” Russian president and a

chief of United Russia party.


23.02.2012 – In Ufa a DIY-bomb exploded nearby communal ministry of Bashkortostan

Republic. This action was held by autonomous guerilla group.


24.02.2012 – The group of radical environmentalists “Green Resistance” has burned

down a bulldozer involved in deforestation in Podolsk district of Moscow region. In

their communiqué comrades call everybody who cares about nature to join their

activity of pro-nature direct action and sabotage. Here is video from their action:


Click to download in FLV format (2.21MB)


26.02.2012 – In Moscow an anarchist guerilla group burned a luxury car Mercedes

G-class with prosecutor’s pass-paper beneath a windshield. Later, when media

intervened, it became clear that car was property of the shopping center owner.

Nevetheless comrade’s action undoubtedly has reached its target.


02.03.2012 – Two days to presidential elections – 3 anarchist guerilla groups from

Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Ufa have organized coordinated action in three cities

at the same night. In SPb there was attacked a drawing room of one of the “United

Russia” deputies, in Moscow – one of the local offices of ruling party. Guerilla

group “Spravedlivost” from Ufa attacked administration building of Oktyabrskiy

district of Ufa city.


Our communique

Our actions are, above all, the call addressed to all the people who thoughtful and hopeful in positive changes – don’t rely on elections; it means nothing for long-long time. It is time to go out and act strongly. Don’t pay attention to cries of self-appointed “leaders” of the movement about moderation and peaceful protest. If you – if all of us – wish to change really, we have to control urban space by all means necessary. So at the 5th of March – don’t wait for orders from the “chiefs, but self-organize and operate! Breach police lines, occupy squares, and capture administrative buildings! You have to challenge the system and risk, if you want win. There is no other way – by words and meetings, mass but peaceful, there is no chance to change anything.

Our choice is – revolution!

Video from night of actions:


Click to download in FLV format (2.11MB)


Click to download in FLV format (1.36MB)

05.03.2012 – In anti-Putin demonstration in Saint-Petersburg police was attacked from crowd by some bottles of incendiary mixture. For Russia it is unprecedented case. One of the riot police buses took fire. Police couldn’t catch guerillas.

08.03.2012 – In Pervouralsk-town Mercedes S-350, which belonged to local depute and capitalist Vladislav Sten’ka, who involved in crime when he had beaten his employees – was burned.